Zemcar receives​ A+ from Boston Moms Blog!

We recently linked up with Boston Moms Blog to give Zemcar a try. The review is in s across the board!!! Here are a few highlights from Timika and Rae’s experience with Zemcar:

Every parent knows the difficulties that come with managing the schedules of multiple household members. Between parents’ work schedules and children’s activity schedules, there are many times when we could use an extra set of hands or better yet, an extra set of wheels. Within my own family, there is one particular recurrent calendaring issue an overlap of approximately 30 minutes where schedules become nearly impossible to cover.

And this is where I could use a service like Zemcar for peace of mind.

Safety: A+

Zemcar offers a number of features that really made me feel comfortable allowing my 10-year-old daughter to use their service. The drivers are thoroughly screened and trained (more about them later), parents can upload special notes about drop-off locations and child needs into the app, and parents designate supervisors within the app as the only people who can retrieve a child after drop off. These components are wonderful on their own, but my favorite feature was watching my daughter via video monitoring during her ride. It is obvious that safety is the number one priority for the Zemcar team they have covered every base.

Rae’s feedback: A+

So, how did the passenger feel about her first Zemcar ride? I asked Rae what her thoughts were, and here’s what she said: “ thought it was really, really good. The lady was very, very nice, and she would talk to me and keep me company, unlike some people that don’t like to talk. From start to finish, this was a superb service with wonderful features. It was so convenient — I will definitely use it again!

From Boston Mom’s blog. Read the entire review here. And don’t forget to download our app and give us a try!


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