ZemZen: July 13th, 2018

Welcome to ZemZen, a collection of the Internet’s best parenting articles hand-selected by the Zemcar team. We understand that parenting – as rewarding as it can be – is difficult. Check back every Friday for our latest suggested reads. To see past ZemZen articles click here.




Siri Daly Is ‘Bad Cop’ in Parenting Her Three Kids with Carson Daly: ‘He Gets to Be Fun Dad’

Food Blogger Siri Daly, sheds some light on how she and her husband (late-night talk show host Carson Daly) approach the classic ‘good cop, bad cop’ parenting routine as well as her most embarrassing parenting moment. You can read the article here.


Parenting In The Age Of Screens: Here’s What The Experts Do

Ever wonder how experts handle their children’s screen time? NPR asked them for you! You can read their answers here.



Parenting The College Applicant As An Admission Dean

Is your kid getting ready to apply for college? Wondering how to approach this delicate topic as a part? Forbes got some advice from the experts, college admissions deans who just held their children apply to college. You can read their advice here.





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