ZemDriver Spotlight: Judith

Zemcar has some pretty amazing drivers and we’re adding more every day. We thought it was time to share some of the amazingness with all of you. Let’s start this week with Judith.

Judith is an Arlington resident who is very dedicated to her community. In fact, Judith started her driving ‘career’ long before joining Zemcar. She tells us that she began driving people back in high school – and the word “chauffeur” was actually under her yearbook photo :). Not to mention she was an actual chauffeur, driving for a limo service, at one point in her life. And in recent years she has kept up with the title and often drives the neighborhood children to different activities. Judith’s children are grown now and she wanted to stay connected to the community in a meaningful way, and driving for the young families in town made sense. “I just love helping people and providing transportation is one way I can help,” Judith told Zemcar’s Director of Operations.  

Then she heard about Zemcar through her husband’s colleague who was using the service. What a great way to help more families (and make some money doing it!!!). Judith is a strong believer in the safety and convenience of the service for busy families – she has experienced it first hand. “The vetting process here at Zemcar is so comprehensive that, it seems to me, the safest way to transport a child short of a family member,” Judith remarked when asked what she would tell parents that are on the fence about trying something like this. In terms of drivers, Judith encourages those who like to be around kids to give it a try. And, Zemcar rides are scheduled ahead of time so there is an opportunity to better plan your day than with other rideshares, she added.

As if this was not already enough to make you want to schedule a ride with Judith ASAP, we found out that she also runs a part-time thrift shop to benefit the local Arlington library and volunteers with the Arlington public schools even though her daughter graduated four years ago.

Let’s not forget about Judith’s career as well – she was a technical writer for 15 years. Her first job was at one of the original startups ever – Symbolics – founded by more than 20 people from MIT’s AI lab. Judith went to law school and passed the bar but went into the tech industry instead.  

Judith is just one of the fantastic drivers here at Zemcar. We hope you get a chance to meet her or one of her colleagues soon! Questions, please contact support@zemcar.com. And download our app at https://www.zemcar.com/parents.



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