Showing Our ZemDads Some Love Too!

Moms are not the only ones trying to juggle the chaos of parenthood, especially when both parents are working outside the home. A survey from the Pew Research Center in 2017 found that a quarter of couples (27%) who live with children younger than 18 are in families where only the father works. This marks a dramatic change from 1970, when almost half of these couples (47%) were in families where only the dad worked. The same research shows that dads are much more involved in childcare than they were 50 years ago. In 2015, fathers reported spending, on average, seven hours a week on childcare – almost triple the time they provided back in 1965.

This suggests that the changing roles and family dynamics over the last couple of decades has also led to new challenges for fathers, as dads juggle the competing demands of family and work. The research shows that about half of working dads (52%) say it is very or somewhat difficult to do so, and about three-in-ten working dads (29%) say they “always feel rushed.”

Although this study did not ask about family transportation needs, we know that the transportation struggle is equally as real for dads. From speaking with some of our ZemDads we also know that getting all the kids from here to there, on-time, and most importantly safely, is a challenge dads do not lightly. Zemcar data shows that 32% of our active customers (those that are the ones ordering the rides for their family) are male. Go Dads (or grandpas, or male caregivers)!

Our ZemDads are proactive members of the “security parent” club as are our Moms, and have some unique perspectives when it comes to transportation safety for their family. They most certainly take an active role in asking the right questions, picking drivers that match their needs, and monitoring the rides. We have learned a lot from our dads and hope the dialogue continues!

Happy Fathers Day to our ZemDads and all the Dads out there!!!



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