Advisor Answers: Stephanie Cota

At Zemcar, we have an amazing Board of Advisors with backgrounds that span children’s health, security, technology, and business. Transparency, safety, and security are our mission and, with that in mind, we thought it was important that you get a chance to know a little bit more about our team driving that mission.

Today’s interview is with Stephanie Cota. Stephanie has spent 15+ years overseeing global Brand Marketing including for the world-famous Barbie brand.  As Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Mattel, she leads and oversees their entire portfolio of brands. In addition to serving on the Mattel Children’s Foundation board and the board of trustees for Otis College of Art and Design, she is an executive producer for ABC’s The Toy Box television show.

Are you a parent?

3 boys, an almost 4-year-old and twins who turned 2 in January.  And a dog who is almost 9- he is also the best-behaved member of the family.

What attracted you to Zemcar?

As a working Mom of 3 young boys, getting from point A to B to C and everywhere in between is challenging. We go to great lengths to keep our children safe- from cutting up grapes to childproofing cabinets to state of the art car seats.  Putting one’s child in a car with little to no visibility is risky and in my opinion, not smart.

Zemcar brings smart technology and security into the car AND gives the control to the parent/caregiver.  Simply said, Zemcar brings peace of mind- a necessity in the sea of parenting chaos.

What about your experience do you think will bring the most value to Zemcar?

My love of branding, marketing, advertising and communications (which also happens to be my background).

Consumers are no longer interested in what you are selling. Consumers are interested in why you are selling what you are selling. They want to know the products they are buying bring purpose or an experience.

Zemcar delivers on the purpose and the experience and I am so excited to work with the team to bring the brand to the next level.

Besides Zemcar, what’s a “must have app” that you can’t live without?

Waze and Instagram (and Uber when I travel).

Do you think technology has made parenting today easier or more difficult?

Both.  At the end of the day, a parent’s intuition wins over technology.  The trick is letting technology help vs takeover.

Funniest Parenting Moment?

Too many to count!  I’ll go with a moment from last night.  My almost 4-year-old was negotiating for more snuggle time.  The conversation went something like this (note- it was WAY past his bedtime).

Levi: “Mommy, 4 more minutes of snuggle time please”

Me: “Levi, it’s quite late, you may have 2 more minutes of snuggle time”

Levi: “Mommy, your plan is not a good plan, 4 minutes is better”

Me: “Let’s compromise and do 3 minutes of snuggle time”

Levi: “I have a better idea, let’s snuggle for the number of minutes after 3”

One piece of advice to parents?

Enjoy every moment- even the tough ones (note- I get that this is easier said than done- especially when I come home after a long day at work and there is a crayon masterpiece on the wall).


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