6 Questions About Safety to Ask Your Kids’ Summer Camp

Hi ZemFamilies! We know you are all busy getting ready for summer break (bring on the sunshine, please!), especially for those summer camps, reviewing itineraries, going over the ‘rules’ with your kids, and packing more sunblock than they could possibly ever need. But have you given any thought to some of the not so fun stuff that may (unlikely, but may) occur while your kids are at camp? Things like medical emergencies, accidents, or even wandering kiddos. If you are like us, and we suspect you are, the safety of your kids is very important to you. You want to make sure you are sending your kids to a place that is prepared for anything.

Lucky for you, here at Zemcar we have expert advisors that can help you ask the right questions when it comes to the safety and security measures in place at your camp of choice.

One of our advisors, Julie Egan, a founding member of Bright Horizons, says, “Selecting the right summer camp for our boys was always a process. The challenge was finding three camps that matched their ever-changing individual interests, met budget, had availability, and were logistically possible. Once that fun algorithm was created, our final decision was always based on the camp’s attention and detail to the health and safety policies.”

Here are a few of Julie’s go-to questions when it comes to health and safety:  

  1. Are counselors/staff required to be CPR/First Aid certified?
  2. What is the ratio between staff and campers?
  3. Are there background checks performed on counselors?
  4. Does the camp have a “crisis management” plan similar to the plans required by schools?
  5. Is the camp licensed by the state to ensure they meet health and safety guidelines?
  6. What systems are in place to keep track of campers (especially on a field trip)?

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of things you probably want to know, the answers to these should help ease your mind a bit and let the camp administrators know that you are on top of this (along with everything else!!!) and that they need to be too.

It’s also a good idea to talk to your kids about how to keep themselves safe. Being away at camp is a big step towards independence for many kids. Empower them by providing them with some tools and tips on how to have a healthy and safe experience. And fun, of course!



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