Zemcar Joins Massachusetts National Guard at Yellow Ribbon and Resource Events to Share Job Opportunities in the Gig Economy

Yellow Ribbon events are held post-deployment for active military members and their families to help connect them to their community

CAMBRIDGE, MA –  Zemcar, the safest rideshare for families on the go, has been approved by the Massachusetts National Guard to participate in Yellow Ribbon events across the Commonwealth in 2018. Yellow Ribbon events are held for returning active military members to help integrate them back into their communities. Zemcar will be sharing ongoing job opportunities in the gig economy perfect for returning soldiers and their families.

“We are thrilled to be participating in events hosted by the National Guard,” said Juliette Kayyem, Zemcar’s CEO. “As the State’s Homeland Security Advisor, I previously oversaw the Massachusetts National Guard. Military members and their spouses are exactly the people too often left out of the gig economy but who would benefit the most from its flexible hours and reliable income.”

The next Yellow Ribbon event will be held on Saturday, April 28th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leominster, Mass. Zemcar will also take part in the National Guard’s Resource Fair in June at Joint Base Cape Cod.


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