Advisor Answers: Julie Egan

At Zemcar, we have an amazing Board of Advisors with backgrounds that span children’s health, security, technology, and business. Transparency, safety, and security are our mission and, with that in mind, we thought it was important that you get a chance to know a little bit more about our team driving that mission.

Today’s interview is with Julie Egan. Julie has been building parent partnerships and creating family solutions in the child care industry since 2012. As part of Bright Horizons’ Parent Marketing team, Julie focused on ensuring parent satisfaction and developing and implementing marketing strategies, while contributing to the enrollment growth at more than 20 locations in the Boston and New York City markets. She was recently appointed to Bright Horizons’ new Emerging Growth Division where she is accountable for the critical growth function of ramping new locations nationwide. Prior to her work in the child care industry, Julie was a corporate insurance broker specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions risk management. Julie lives in Hingham, Massachusetts with her husband and three sons.

What attracted you to Zemcar?

Two things, a first-hand understanding, as a parent of three with complicated scheduling logistics, of the demand for a safe, reliable, and trusted transportation alternative. And Juliette Kayyem, who better to lead a company of this kind as CEO than a National Security expert?

What about your experience do you think will bring the most value to Zemcar?

My experience working with families in the child care and early education industry and ensuring safety for parents while entrusting their children with Zemcar.

Besides Zemcar, what’s a “must have app” that you can’t live without?

Instacart.  Groceries are delivered to our door in less than 2 hours and before the family has the chance to turn on me from hunger. 

Do you think technology has made parenting today easier or more difficult?

Although it falls somewhere in the middle,  I would say technology has made parenting easier than more difficult for our family. The ease of staying in contact and having the ability to track our teenagers’ whereabouts who wish they could get off the grid gives us peace of mind. The interactive features of educational technology have enhanced learning, engagement, and provides us with real-time progress to help us keep our boys on track.

Funniest Parenting Moment?

Leaving my husband with our newborn and no diapers and coming home to a baby in a DIY brief made of a dishtowel, tissues, and masking tape.

One piece of advice to parents?

To value and cherish the importance of family dinners.  


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