ZemZen: April 13th, 2018

Welcome to ZemZen, a collection of the Internet’s best parenting articles hand-selected by the Zemcar team. We understand that parenting – as rewarding as it can be – is difficult. Check back every Friday for our latest suggested reads. To see past ZemZen articles click here.



On Parenting: Meghan Leahy took your questions about parenting

Parenting coach Meghan Leahy joined The Washington Post’s Amy Joyce for a live chat with parents where she fielded questions from parents of all ages. You can read the transcript here.



How to raise kind kids in a ‘tough’ world

Developmental psychologist and author of the book How to Raise Kind Kids Thomas Lickona talks with WTOP editor Rachel Nania and shares his tips for raising kind kids in a tough world. You can read the article here.


A dad, improvising his way into his daughter’s heart

Family attorney and freelance writer Ben Krull shares his story of slow working his way into his daughter’s heart. You can read the story here.




Mom’s Too-Real Comics Capture The Everyday Chaos Of Parenting

HuffPost writer Caroline Bologna interviews Amy Camber – a mother of two who started drawing comics capturing the chaos of parenting shortly after her first child was born. You can read the article here.


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