ZemZen: March 2nd, 2018

Welcome to ZemZen, a collection of the Internet’s best parenting articles hand-selected by the Zemcar team. We understand that parenting – as rewarding as it can be – is difficult. Check back every Friday for our latest suggested reads. To see past ZemZen articles click here.



At the Olympics, Motherhood Skis Away With a Gold and a Bronze

While the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games come to an end last Sunday, Tara Parker-Pope of the New York Times highlights the stories of Kikkan Randall and Marit Bjorgen, both of whom are mothers that found themselves on the podium before the games end. You can read the story here.



Peacefully Parenting Together After You’ve Parted

Divorce can be a tricky thing, but odds are you are probably going to continue to parent together. U.S. News & World Report contributor and developmental psychologist Nancy Buck shares her tips for peaceful parenting after you and your partner have parted ways. You can read her tips here.



Apps your child doesn’t want you to see

Phones and the internet have completely changed how kids interact with each other. So what exactly are our kids doing on their phones? Here’s a clue.



That Teen Sexting Study: What Else You Need To Know Before Freaking Out

There’s a new study out that says one in four teens have received a sext. While the findings might shock and surprise you, it’s important to break down what the study means. So, before you freak out it, it might help to check out this article from Forbes contributor Tara Haelle.


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