4 Ways Zemcar Is Challenging The Gig Economy


1. Safety and Security

At Zemcar, the safety and security of our riders and drivers is our number one priority. As a premium rideshare service, we’re committed to ensuring that we have the most qualified drivers on the platform. All of our drivers are required to have childcare experience, five years of driving under their belt, and must pass a rigorous screening process that includes background checks. On our platform, drivers will no longer have to worry about late night rides with unruly or belligerent passengers.

2. Kid Focused, Parent Approved

When you think about the gig economy, you don’t exactly think about services for kids – but that’s our entire focus. Building an app designed for transporting kids is no easy feat, but we’ve managed to put together a platform that ensures the comfort of parents and kids alike.

3. Bridging The Gender Gap

A new study shows that women who drive for another rideshare platform make about 7 percent less per hour over their male counterparts. One reason, the study claims, is because women spend less hours driving due to family constraints. Another reason is that women tend to drive slower, meaning that even when they can drive, they take less rides. At Zemcar, we’ve created a platform that helps level the playing field. As a predominately scheduled ride service, drivers are able to plan their day around rides instead of driving around looking for customers. Also, drivers are not allowed to accept rides 30 minutes before a scheduled ride – so there’s no incentive to drive faster than necessary to complete a ride. In fact, this model has been so successful that about 66% of Zemcar drivers are female compared to the 27% national sample the study used on another platform.

4. Technology 

McDonald’s has the Big Mac sauce, Twinkies and Krispy Kreme have their secret recipes, Zemcar? Zemcar has its technology. From our patent-pending Circle of Trust and safety technology to our built-in panic button and geo-fenced routes, Zemcar’s technology is revolutionizing the rideshare industry and the quality, safety, and security we expect from these platforms.