5 Things You Can Do With The Extra Cash You Earn Driving For Zemcar!

As a premium ride share service for kids, we expect our ZemDrivers to be prepared for whatever the road can throw at them. Your compensation reflects our commitment to having safe and friendly drivers on our platform who are qualified to work with children.

With our average ride costing about $30 and an endless supply of scheduled ride requests, there’s an opportunity for you to earn some serious dough. Here are some things you can do with that extra cash:

1. Take a cruise!


Whether you want to travel to warm climates like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, or you prefer a cooler climates like Alaska and the Arctic – you can take the cruise of your dreams with all the extra cash you’re earning!

2. Go on a shopping spree!


Three words – Treat. Your. Self.
Trust us, you’ve earned it. Take some of that hard-earned cash and invest in you!

3. Have a night out on the town!


We could all use a night out on the town every now and then. Take the opportunity to head out with some friends, have a nice dinner, and show off some of your awesome dance moves.

4. See a concert!


Whether you like Queen or Queen B – there are tons of chances to catch your favorite artists when they’re in town. Take the night off and sing along to your favorite tunes, just don’t forget the lyrics!

5. Go on vacation


It couldn’t get any cheaper to fly to places like Iceland, Norway, Ireland and more! Take the chance to explore a place you’ve never been – just make sure to bring a reasonable carry on.

Now that you know some of the cool things you can do with the extra money you’ll earn, sign up to drive with us today!

If you’ve signed up with us already – download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today and finish your registration.


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