ZemZen: November 10th, 2017

Welcome to ZemZen, a weekly collection of the Internet’s best parenting articles hand-selected by the Zemcar team. We understand that parenting – as rewarding as it can be – is difficult. Check back every Friday for our latest suggested reads. For last week’s ZemZen click here.



Is a 7-year-old too young to go to a funeral?

While the complexities of living can often be hard for us to explain to our children – from sex to relationships to work and everything in between – the finality of death can be hard for even adults to come to grips with. As parents, we might feel overwhelmed by the notion of bringing our child to the funeral of a loved one. In this piece, Meghan Leahy explains why you might want to consider bringing your child with you. Read more.



How to Talk to Young Kids About Consent and Harvey Weinstein

From Harvey Weinstein, to Louie C.K., Kevin Spacey, and others, it has been hard to escape the flurry of sexual assault accusations that have come to light over the last few weeks. While no one looks forward to talking to their children about sex, consent, and sexual assault, U.S. News and World Report contributor Robyn Silverman argues that it’s a conversation worth having and offers tips to navigating the tricky subject. Read more. 



What to Do When You and Your Partner Have Clashing Parenting Styles

Relationships can be hard to navigate, but with a kid in the mix they can be downright complicated. Just like there’s no one right way to have a healthy relationship, there is no one way to effectively raise a child. In this article, writer Kristi Pahr offers her advice for navigating situations where you and your partner disagree on how to raise your child. Read more.



Game on: Parenting with video games

We know, it sounds crazy to us too, but they make a compelling case. Technology has changed every other aspect of our lives, why can’t it change how we parent? Read more.


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