ZemZen: October 27th, 2017 🎃👻🍫

Welcome to ZemZen, a weekly collection of the Internet’s best parenting articles hand-selected by the Zemcar team. We understand that parenting – as rewarding as it can be – is difficult. Check back every Friday for our latest suggested reads.



Halloween Safety Guide

Halloween can be an exciting time of year for children, but we know it comes with certain risks. Letting our kids go out knocking on strangers’ doors to get candy can seem a little spooky, especially if they are going out on their own. This article from Parenting.com shares some helpful tips for taking the fright out of your (and your child’s) Halloween evening. Read More.



Parenting: How to deal with the teen ‘monsters’ in your house

Ever feel like your house is haunted? Ever feel like you’re a ghost around your own kids? Take solace in knowing that you’re not alone. According to Tom Tozer and Bill Black, just because your teen vanishes into their room, “doesn’t hear you,” or acts like you don’t exist doesn’t mean they don’t still love you. Read More.



A surprising number of teenagers are engaging in ‘digital self-harm,’ the practice of being mean to yourself online

The Internet can be complicated place for just about anyone, but it is especially  complicated our children. While it predictably adds more street and drama to their lives, according to a new study teens are anonymously posting their negative thoughts about themselves online. Read More.



Parents: You follow your teen on Instagram, but do you know about their Finsta?

It’s just a fact of growing up – anything your parents like, do, or use is uncool when you’re a teen. Well, this fact also applies to social media. You might think you have a close tab on your teen’s social media presence, but according to Today.com you can never be totally sure. Read More.


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