5 Things Your Child Can Do Instead of Trick or Treating

In last week’s ZemZen, one of our articles was about figuring our how old is too old to go Trick or Treating. There comes a time in every child’s life where it’s no longer “cool” for them. Whether they came to that conclusion on their own, or you helped make it for them, they’re still probably pretty bummed they won’t be going door to door. Here are five things they can do instead of going out on Halloween.


1) Visit Salem, Massachusetts

With walking tours, museums, street events, and more, historic Salem, Massachusetts is one of the country’s most festive cities around Halloween time. You can find a list of all the thrilling and spooky activities happening in Salem here. 

2) Host a costume party

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween for kids is dressing up as their favorite character or persona. Instead of dressing up to go out, have your kids dress up to stay in and invite their friends, too! Costume parties can be a great way for children to have the same sugar-fueled fun of Halloween with their friends without going out.

3) Taking younger siblings door to door

We know negotiating with your kids can be difficult, but this entente might save you from having to walk your youngest from door to door. See if your oldest will be willing to take their younger sibling(s) door to door for you if they get a cut of the haul!

4) Visit a haunted house

If your child isn’t easily scared, or if they are in for a thrill, visiting a local haunted house would be a great alternative to trick or treating. Have them bring their friends or go as a family! It could turn out to be a great bonding experience.

5) Scary movie marathon

From Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, to good old-fashioned DVDs (or even older – VHS tapes!) there’s sure to be a lot of age appropriate scary movies out there. Have your child invite their friends over and pick a few movies for them to watch. Here are some movie suggestions.




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