Being A Rideshare Driver Shouldn’t Be Scary


We see headlines all of the time about how rideshare drivers have been accused of this or that. Just this week alone in Boston, an off duty Uber driver was accused of kidnapping and assaulting a woman, and a man has been posing as a driverpreying on women who appear alone, intoxicated, or looking for car services outside bars. In Chicago, an Uber driver sexually assaulted and harassed a woman, and a Lyft driver’s sexual assault case just came to light in the media because of DNA tests.  These stories are countless.

But those aren’t the only scary rideshare stories. Sometimes, it’s the driver that’s in danger. In May, a Lyft driver was assaulted for not giving the passenger a tissue. In San Francisco, a biker mob surrounded and beat an Uber driver earlier this year. Last year, Wired Magazine wrote a story about how dangerous Uber and Lyft drivers’ jobs are, stating, “What gets far less attention is the abuse, verbal and physical, that drivers endure.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As you may have read, we’ve recently hired a new CEO, Juliette Kayyem, “The Security Mom,”  who is a CNN security analyst, Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard Kennedy School, and sits on the Trust Advisory Board of AirBnB. We’ve also added several new Board Advisors with strong security backgrounds, including work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS),  and the Homeland Security Project at the Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. There’s a reason we are leading with a safety-focused team.

Things need to change. Not just for riders, but for drivers. We get it – your safety matters, too.

At Zemcar, we are dedicated to you and our riders – keeping you both safe. We’ve developed game-changing safety and service features. You can still drive on your time, but in your community, driving kids ages 8-18. Driving for families in your community is a safer way to earn that extra cash on the side, and you can build up repeat business – income you can count on – with families that have recurring ride needs. 

If you want to learn more, read about us in the Boston Globe and learn how you can earn up to 2.5x more as a ZemDriver vs. other rideshares.

Download the app and apply today. We welcome you to our Circle of Trust – which goes both ways. Together, we can create a different kind of ride service, because rideshares shouldn’t be scary.


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