Ask an Expert – Meet a Rider

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Watch episode 1 of our “Ask a Zemcar Expert” series, and hear directly from a rider!  

What do you like most about driving with Zemcar?

That I can be free of my parents without worrying about safety. I can get where I need to go and my parents can have time to do what they need to do without driving me everywhere! Also, the drivers are super cool and the app is really easy to use. I’m not a tech genius but I figured it out pretty quickly.

Can you tell us a story about an experience driving with Zemcar?

Zemcar isn’t just for rides to school and and after-school activities. It’s multi-purpose. Today I wanted to meet my friend at the mall and Zemcar picked me up! I had a great talk with the driver on the way. All the drivers are fun and easy to talk to. They become like extended family. I like that Zemcar is a more personable experience and that my parents and I are able to get to know the drivers and build relationships.

What would you say to someone interested in trying out Zemcar?

Try it! It’s a safe and enjoyable way to get to school or to meet up with a friend. I’m telling all my friends about it. Zemcar is here to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

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