4 Reasons You’ll Love Driving with Zemcar

Does the freedom and flexibility to create your own working schedule sound appealing? Is feeling safe in your work environment important to you? Would you like to be part of a community of people who know and trust each other—while earning a living to support your own family and dreams? Would you like to fill your backseat with the customer pictured above?


If you answered yes to these questions, then being a driver for Zemcar can be an incredibly meaningful and lucrative experience for you. Zemcar has created a rideshare service that enhances the quality of life not only for our users but for our trusted drivers as well. Here are four reasons why we think you will love being a driver with Zemcar.

  1. You Keep 100% of the Tips You Earn

Unlike other rideshare services, our drivers receive tips and get to keep them all. And, because we go above and beyond for our customers, our premium service comes with a premium fee, which means you earn more when you work with us. When you drive with Zemcar, we know that you are an excellent service provider and we want to compensate you for this. In addition, you also earn a larger cut of the fare than you would with any other service.

  1. You Are Safe with Us

Safety is our top priority at Zemcar, and the technology that protects our riders also ensures the protection of our drivers. The Zemcar experience offers real-time video monitoring to ensure everyone in the car is safe. Additionally, Zemcar drivers have the ability to choose their own riders and check the rider rating before accepting a pickup. For everyone’s peace of mind, Zemcar insurance covers both passengers and drivers.

  1. You Set Your Own Schedule and Area

Many of our drivers are as busy as our users and are drawn to Zemcar for the flexibility we provide. This is why we’ve designed our service so our drivers can set their own schedules—and select both scheduled rides and on-demand rides. For both convenience and safety, drivers can set up a service radius to accept rides in the local towns they are familiar with.

  1. You Build Your Business While Earning More

The Zemcar team will provide you with the marketing tools to grow your business with us. Drivers can build their online profile with videos and photographs so that parents can specifically choose them from the pool of available drivers. If you decide to market your services to your community with the tools we provide, your earning potential can increase quickly and you can be sure that you are providing a valuable and meaningful service.

At Zemcar we care about our drivers. When you join our team, you don’t just become part of a business. You will be part of a community dedicated to safety and trust. If you are interested in driving with us, register here to get started. We’ll contact you to help you through the process.