Empowering Women Through Zemcar

In the current rideshare environment, female drivers are concerned about driving strangers. This concern with safety means that women are not able to take as much advantage of this multi-billion-dollar industry. At Zemcar we are determined to change this state of affairs, and our name, which stands for “Zone of Empowered Moms”, is proof of our commitment.

dsc_0348One of the main reasons drivers feel insecure is their inability to determine the trustworthiness of the passenger. Because Zemcar provides a trusted rideshare service, our drivers work for a family and become part of a circle of trust. To join the circle, the family can interview the driver—and vice versa. The driver knows beforehand who the passenger is, just as parents know their driver. Trust gradually builds with experience and a family that trusts a driver may recommend him or her to another family… which is such a great way for drivers to expand their business!

The technology we’ve developed is just as important to safety as is knowing the passenger. Leading-edge technology that protects the rider such as video permissions, live video monitoring, and route tracking protects the driver as well.

We have a vision: suburbs and towns full of available women drivers who are nannies, teachers, stay-at-home moms, caregivers—or from any walk of life–earning extra money while making their community more secure for families and for themselves.